Will Hallion 4 open Kontakt libraries?

I guess this is a question that everyone will be asking:

Halion 4 looks great and it seems to be worth purchasing. But as a sampler, it does not have any libraries built for it unfortunately. Kontakt still has tons of great libraries, such as LASS, Symphobia, Steven Slate Drums etc.

Will this run on Halion 4? I guess the answer is no, but it’s worth asking.

Needless to say I would love ditching Kontakt, as , although it is a good sampler, I could never get to like it as much as far as workflow and interface is concerned.

Hi Bach,

page 62 of the english manual says: “=> programs that are saved in a protected format cannot be importet.” I also tried to import some of the kontakt sounds (factory library and scarbee mark1) with no success. Sorry, seems you are right…

regards, humphrey

If someone share the file formats for Kontact and HALion 4, we could write a converter. Unless of course someone already did or is. :slight_smile: