Will I have problems with elicenser if I return my UR44?

I just bought a UR44 and unfortunately, the unit is mildly defective. I can see that one of the screws is not screwed in properly and I can move the bottom of the metal casing with my hand because of it. I’m worried it may have been damaged during shipping so I want to return it and get a new one. However, I am worried that the new unit won’t work with Elicenser if I register this faulty unit now with the serial number provided.

Does elicenser register the unique physical unit, or will any UR44 function if I plug my elicenser into the same PC that the UR44 is connected to?

Its the software that gets licensed, not the unit. you can use the interface with any DAW, and not use the uncluded Amp Sims and Morphing Channel Strip. Reverb, etc…, so dont worry about your eLicenser. It will work with the replacement interface.

Thank you.

Hope you get your replacement fast! :sunglasses: