Will I still be able to use cubase 5 - after update

I’m planning on updating my cubase 5 for 6 in the near future - but - will I still be able to run 5 (if for some reason I need to - use 5 temporarily in-case there are any potential problems in 6) ?

I Just want to make sure that I can have the option of using one or the other? Has there been any official word on it - I’ve seen some users say yes, and others say no - and before buying the update i’d like a firm answer to that.

Thanks in advance

Yes, cubase 5 will still run. In fact, supposedly you can run both Cubase 5 and 6 at the same time without problems!

Obviously it may depend on your OS (C6 being only supported on W7 for PC), but I read nowhere in the forum that it would not work. Here a thread where a user put up a video with both versions next to each other (on Mac): http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2077

Luck, Arjan

Thanks Fastlane,

That is great news ! Looks like it is time to order then !

Don’t worry.

  • “Yes” means: Your C6 license will run C5 as well (that’s what you want).

  • “No” means: An upgrade will not provide you with a new license that may be used side by side with the old one on two different machines at the same time. (Some people hope that they can put the new license on an empty USB key, ending up with two working USB keys, one for C5 and one for C6.)