Will IC Pro ever fullfill it's promise?

When will we see an update that completes it advertised features? I speak of using it to let the performers control their own monitor mixes! This has been promised from the get-go, but it’s still unusable for this purpose.

It’s been 16 months since the last update!

Given that the whole concept has the potential to provide oodles of touch enabled interfaces for Cubase, and thus replace mixconsoles, it is remarkably under-emphasised and seems to suffer from a distinct shortage of development attention.

Hopefully, it doesn’t just drop off the radar completely. :frowning:

I agree…

In a small set up IC in incredibly useful. If a larger iPad materializes ( it will … ) IC could be an incredible mix surface.

I too sincerely hope SB returns to it for some updates!

It’s unfortunate this has been abandoned, I’ve got my eye on Lemur now…

Abandoned? Where did you hear that?

Isn’t a new version currently being beta-tested?

That would be excellent news indeed. Where have you heard that?

I tried ic pro, but ended using my own Lemur setup. I implemented more features in a more rational way. Wayyyyy better.

I’m on Arts Unmuted’s Cubase Lemur template - it works a lot better for me.

The main thing a lot of these control surfaces (hardware and software) spend too much time on is the mixer. We don’t need 64 virtual faders. It takes more time to find out which fader on your control surface controls which fader in the program…when you’re staring right at the fader onscreen, it’s just quicker and easier to use the mouse. I hate hunting around for the channel #27 fader on the control surface, or its send levels, when I’m looking right at it. After the novelty of controlling mixer faders goes away (“Oooooooh look I’m moving the onscreen fader with my control surface!!” - lol), you realize that what you really need is a way to control Quick Controls, VSTis, common editing operations, navigation, and all the things that are a pain with the mouse. I.e. the control surface shouldn’t be a 1:1 of the mixer GUI, it should be its own intelligently laid out controller that allows you to do things you can’t do with the mouse, or are inconvenient thereof.

But all these control surfaces / apps spend 80% of the real estate and functionality on the mixer…go figure :wink:

Join the Cubase iC Pro Android 5.0 (Lollipop) beta test at the very top of this Cubase iC Pro forum. I know, just too ‘in plain sight’ to be noticed!

Note that it started almost exactly 5 months ago and still nothing released, so SB is not in a hurry.

That’s a port of the current version. Not a new version.

Abandoned in the sense that nothing new has come to the app in a LLOOONNNGGG time.

It’s not abandoned! They are busy working at it in the room next to where the planning charts and demolition orders related to the hyperspace bypass that will destroy earth have been on display at our local planning department in Alpha Centauri for the last 50 years. Obviously, they got off in time.

Ref: HHG2tG

Pity. Does it actually work though? At least usable is better than doing without two devices, if I might need them.