Will installing C6 trash my prefs for C4.5.2


I want to trial C6, because I need the OMF function.
Even though my PC is only XP SP3 32 BIT, I am prepared to install C6 Trial to see if it works.

Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of?
For instance I want to be able to reopen C4 and carry on working on a feature film without anything being affected.

Any help would be appreciated. (Anyone running C6 on a PC running XP SP3 32 BIT?)

Any help on this please?

Simply backup your prefs before installing. Or even better: get some cheap disc imaging software, make a system-disc image and if anything goes wrong restore your system disc. as simple as that.

Thanks for the advice and tips thinkingcap… :wink:


I am on XP Sp2 32bit

Cubase 6 runs perfectly alongside 4 here. Almost everything transferred into C6 automatically except for…I can’t remember now, either my custom keyboard shortcuts or preferences. I simply located the relevant file in C4 and copied to the equivalent place in C6 and selected.

That was in January. The only problems I have experienced have turned out to be either my ignorance of changes made in C5 which I bypassed, or a few graphics things which I had to adapt to be comfortable with ie. 4x2 toolbox, event display etc.

I moved to C6.01 on its release. For me it’s the most stable Cubase to date. The only crashes I have suffered, I attribute to a dying CDRom drive and a dodgy plugin.

Best to mirror your drive if possible, or at least set a restore point.
Good luck

Thank you Parrotspain, I appreciate your detailed results, enjoy your music my friend.