Will Micrologue finally be fixed?

Reporting this issue yet again as it is still not fixed a year since I reported it.

Micrologue parameters are not recalled correctly in projects
To replicate the issue simply:

  1. Open New Cubasis project
  2. Open Micrologue on a track and change for example the Octave from 8’ to 16’.
  3. close the Cubasis project
  4. reopen the same Cubasis project and the change you had made to Micrologue is not recalled as the octave is back at 8’.

This does not apply only to the Octave knob but also to : Noise switch (sometimes), glide switch, waveforms knobs (sometimes), chorus switch, mono switch (sometimes), delay switch etc.

I heard there’s an update coming soon. I hope recall in Micrologue can finally be fixed as it often messes up my projects.

There’s also a graphic GUI bug when loading presets. Often gotta load a preset twice to have the correct parameters displayed. No biggie but while I’m here worth mentioning.

And please release its bigger brother Retrologue 2 for iPad!
Merry Xmas

Hi Simusic,

The upcoming Cubasis 3.2 includes a huge list of improvements, including user-requested fixes for Micrologue.

Please give the issue a short check with the new version, which is planned to be released on Monday, Dec 21, 2020 and let us have your feedback.


Best wishes,