Will my laptop work with Cubase LE 10?...help, thanks.

Hello fellow musicians. I just bought a laptop – HP with Intel Core I5, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD. And I got the license from buying a new Line 6 Spider amp, As I was downloading it, I noticed that it is 15GB overall. I stopped it and figured I ain’t taking no chances ruining my new laptop. Basically, I bought my laptop for the sole purpose of recording music again, for good, with Cubase as my DAW, and learn it and never look back. Okay, no more rambling from me…IS MY laptop all good to handle Cubase LE 10?? Thank you very much for all your help and guidance! :slight_smile:

The system requirements for Cubase can easily be found on the product page.
No one apart from yourself will be able to tell you, if your specific laptop will work or not.

Hi and welcome,

Here you can find the System Requirements (scroll down and open the tab). Your configuration seems to be OK for Cubase 10.

Hi sir. Thanks and I truly appreciate the reply. The download was successful. However, I am stuck with the whole ‘eLicenser’ thing. I am sure you know what’s going on after reading the following… 1) So I got my activation code already 2) On the eLicenser Control Center (version 6.11.89256)…which IS the current version as I updated it…and AFTER I entered my activated code…it says, "Currently, there is no eLicenser connected to your computer which you can download your license to. Please connect an appropriate USB eLicenser to your computer."

Now, does this mean my laptop needs to be connected (via USB cable) to my amplifier already??..in order to activate Cubase LE 10 already. I know I’m obviously connecting my Line6 amp (via a USB cable) to my laptop to start recording. IS this related to the whole Elicenser mentioned above?? I read about “soft-elicenser” as well. In short, I got Cubase LE 10 on my laptop already, and stuck with the Elicenser thing. Please help, thanks! :slight_smile:


Cubase LE license is stored in the Soft-eLicenser by default. So you don’t need any “USB-dongle” (so called USB-eLicenser). To activate Cubase you don’t have to connect any Audio Device (like Line6 amp or other).

But from the message eLicenser shows, it sounds more like a Cubase Pro or Cubase Artist license, which requires USB-eLicenser.

Can you see Soft-eLicenser Number in the left panel of the eLCC application, please?

After I copy and paste my Activation Code in the eLCC application…it’s simply blank on both sides. Again, it says that message I mentioned earlier. I simply downloaded the latest Cubase LE 10…not Pro or the others. I know I need to get my Elicenser thing activated before I can even activate Cubase LE 10. Any thing else I can try? I hope so.


If it’s blank on both side, Soft-eLicenser has not been created. Follow this article, please.

Здравствуйте. Почему мой новый Cubase 10 AI тормозит на том же ноутбуке? Хотя пятый работал без проблем!
Hello. Why is my new Cubase 10 AI slowing down on the same laptop? Although the fifth worked without problems!


Probably Cubase AI 10 needs more resources then Cubase 5… The graphic engine is also totally different.

Success!! :slight_smile: Thank you sir! That worked. It’s now activated. I’m not entirely new to DAW’s per se…but can you give me at least 2 links for new users like me of Cubase LE 10. I know of the Cubase YouTube channel tutorials of course…but something else you’ve used in the past which is straightforward, simple, and to the point. I just gotta get myself familiarized and get my feet wet at this point, and go from there to start recording again. Thanks much in advance!!