Will my old computer cope ?

Long time since i’ve been on here and i’m just wondering will my old I7 3770k with 32gb of ram and a few SSD drives run C10 ok ?


Yes, you will be fine using that. Just note if you update your Cubase to 10.5 that Win 7 is no longer supported, as Microsoft has put it to the grave, only Win 10 is officially supported.

Nice one , cheers I’ll give it ago with the win 7 first , i’m sure it will run :smiley:

Not all features though.

Check my sig - not exactly the same as yours but pretty similar. Works fine, not even close to maxing out. Of course I’m running modest track counts (20-30 max, usually) typically 60-100% VSTi. Not to tempt fate (knock on wood) but I expected to need more power years ago but so far haven’t.

Will work fine. My old i7 960 runs great with 18gig of memory. I’ve upgraded just now but older than yours

Look at my sig, 2011 PC with 16Gb runs just fine with W10 and C10.5, just one or two plugins that have trobules GUI-wise (OpenGL issue), lots of tracks and heavy plugins.

Cheers fella’s , been running 10.5.20 on win 10 now for a month with no issues at all . spot on , very good performance