Will Nuendo 7 open these projects?

Checking to see if I can upgrade to Cubase 9, but I have to trade files with people on Nuendo 7 (or 7.5 can’t reeber which.)

Latest compatibility list I was able to find but… I’d bet it will work. :wink:

Hopefully someone will chime in who has done it and knows for sure.


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No problem… :wink:

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Bumping this up after the holidays hoping someone from Steinberg can answer this with a simple “yes” or “no.”

And to clarify I mean can Cubase 9 projects be opened in Nuendo 7.


Yes, no problem, back & forth between Cubase Pro 9, 8.5 & Nuendo 7.1. If there are app-specific features from either DAW, these simply do not appear in the other; however, seems fairly smart in that those same features appear again in the parent DAW when loaded.

Thanks, profdraper. Glad someone answered this.

Of course if you have access to both programs you could just copy a project and use it as a test case to find out yourself. Typically simply trying something is faster than waiting for an answer on the forum. :wink:

Good point, but I don’t. I was going to wait to buy until I had this information and delay until then.

I may make the leap anyway and keep them both installed until 9 catches up.

When my studio mate tried C8.5 projects in Nuendo 7.1, the VCA aspects of his projects would not open correctly in Nuendo. That was his experience, anyway! From what I understand, the two platforms handle aspects of VCAs differently.

Good to know. Thank you for the information, In_Stereo.