Will some kind soul help with Headpohone/Control Room mix???

I’ve spent hours on this and all I have to show for it is less hair!

I need a mix going to my main monitors plus another identical mix for headphones (with the addition of headphone processing).

The 2 mixes need to be identical except the headphone mix will have the addition of _Waves NX Headphone Processin_g.
I.E. I want to change from mixing via monitor speakers to mixing via headphones. All master buss FX need to be applied to both buss with the headphone mix adding the Waves NX plugin.

I have Cubase 9 Pro and a Steinberg UR44. I can add a hardware mixer on output if needed. I’ve reached my limit trying to figure this out myself. The Control Room remains a mysterious enigma for me!

Thanks in advance!

In VST connections create a “monitor” bus that feeds the monitors. Connect it to the UR 44 outs that are connected with your speakers.
Create a “phones” bus that feeds the headphones mix. In the control room mixer assign the mix as feed for the headphone channel. This will send the mix with all processing from mix console to the phones. Now simply insert the waves NX in one of the phones inserts in the control room mixer. Connect the phones output to your interface’s phone out in VST connections.
The same will work for a “cue” channel instead of a “phones” channel

Curious if you got this working. I’ve just spent 6 hrs trying to get this thing up and running in Cubase and am pulling my hair out. Do you need to set up the monitor and phones buses as output or input buses? How does one assign the “mix as feed for the headphone channel” in the control room? Little lost here and would love to know how you got this working.