Will Steinberg ever update IC Pro?

The program seems to be dead. All I want is to be able to control transport and punching in from my vocal booth. Used to work fine.


If you’ve got an iPad, Metagrid is great for this task

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I don’t know what Metagrid or IC Pro is, but if you want a panel containing any control you can imagine, I’d suggest Open Stage Control (fully customizable and open-source!).

Here’s what I have created with it for my Android phone:

O-S-C (Android Phone session - remote control)

OSC - Cubase

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I can use it with an iPad Air 2 and Cubase 11. I have set up some navigating buttons, Talkback and others and can control punching like you want. It works, but the app needs a revision. For example, I can write text only if I switch to English keyboard and when I do it the keyboard shrinks to half the size.

For some reason, it won’t work with my big VEP based template. Mac Cubase 10.5, 2019 iMac, iPad 4.

Not sure it’s relevant with Avid Control existing and being actively developed. Probably why Steinberg isn’t investing in developing it.

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eucon issues are still here for us cubase users , however i use the avid control and it is ok … sometimes it will play up but on the whole its usable ,looks awesome,
ic pro is OK also i have both if one is not working then i switch to the other…
what seems to be the problem with daw controllers anyway ?? they are all marketed as super seamless integration etc but there is always a problem no matter what it is ( i use icon qcon G2) it is after all only midi commands right ?
i had the Houston… i loved it until it melted ( yep it actually shorted itself out )
can i also recomend " Touch Daw" it also is for android (not certain about mac )
it is stable once up and running…
if all you want to do is record /play remotely then set up a cc control on a kb or
buy a cheap usb keyboard and a loooooong usb cable key comand punch in / out , cycle-rec .etc
cheers guys

Before I got Metagrid I used a wireless computer keyboard which was fine for the task, if not very elegant.

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haha Raino
i am showing my age :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :rofl:

I can’t speak to the Mac DAW or the Android hand held devices but using a Win10 DAW ( 21H1/19043.1165) and iPhone 8 or 6th Gen iPad everything works fine here with iC Pro.

My DAW is running Bonjour Print Service and my SKI Remote is version 1.0.8, my WIFI signal is on a 5G router. All 64 bit here, as well.

I used to think that iC Pro - like all software - can stand an upgrade now and then but I also think it’s possible that in some cases the basic software can be OK, that instead it’s operation depends on the outlier things, in this case the handheld devices, the Bonjour software, and the WIFI router.

Strange, I use IC Pro on my ipad in vocal booth all the time and never had a single issue with it. I’m on latest pro 11.
What’s the issue and what system are you running? I’ll try and help if I can.

No. Sadly

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Hi-I’m on a 2019 iMac, Mojave, C 10.52.

It works from my vocal booth too-but not if I have my large non-disabled VEP template connected.

What I do mostly, is just use a wired keypad. What is nice about that is that I have all of the keys assigned like I would like when I am recording myself. I use it to add a version, navigate to the next version. I just print labels over the keys with a DYMO label printer.

I do miss my old wireless Tranzport. Fronteer went out of business so they stopped updating their drivers.

Is the app still worth buying or don’t bother? I had almost pulled the trigger on it a couple of times as I have an older iPad from about 2014 laying around I wouldn’t mind using.

Ah OK I’m on Windows so not comparable I suppose. You would think they would ensure it works with mac too though.

the app is amazing but at this point it needs a good update with more functions, what has been and has changed over the years, and IC is still the same. if there will be no support or maintenance, Steinberg, let us know!

I too am frustrated by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any attention paid to this app. Controlling Cubase, from the booth, with a Cubase app was a huge bonus for me. Not having it work has impacted my productivity and workflow.
I believe the issue is rooted in the new Windows 10+ operating system. It doesn’t allow (at least easily allow) ski so Ic Pro can connect. Windows used to allow for an ad hoc Wi-Fi server to run. Now, it doesn’t.
I hope Steinberg pays some attention to this and publishes clear instructions how to get around the problem.
Additionally, in its current state, the app just crashes when I try to pick any option. Very frustrating.

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As a company that sells and develops professional software, it must take care of users and provide and facilitate free services
Also, there is no app on Android!
While Cubasis exists because he generates money for them

I see these shortcomings, many users who are used to Cubase have no problems with it
However, new users who want to migrate will of course compare as Studio One, avid ,bitwig , ableton has very useful free applications and it works very well