Will Steinberg UR22 MK2 get a Win11 support?

As if not then that would be a bummer for the future side then.


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what your asking.

The driver for UR22 MK2 has been on the compatible with Win 11 list since February of this year.

Ah ok, that’s a good news then. Well it doesn’t read here though, that’s why I asked: Steinberg UR22 MK2 Value Edition – Thomann Suomi


Well, that’s not a Steinberg website. My expectation wouldn’t ever be that it could be authoritative. I would only take the word of the manufacturer, whether a Steinberg product or some other company’s product.

So when you want to know about something Steinberg, do your research on the Steinberg website or here.

Well I did ask it here just in case and I’m glad it has a Win11 support. I’ll get this baby soonish. I already had it 3 years ago, but sold it. But as I now want to start using 2 interfaces for the realtime screen recording + DAW recording, simultaneously, I need to start using two. I’ll just send my current one’s line outs into ur22’s line ins and then I can do this, I think. Thanks for the information.

Windows isn’t very good at handling dual interfaces, so check your planned use scenario before purchase.

In this use case, not a problem:

Well it isn’t clear that the OP knows this, nor that the “current” interface will be used in standalone mode, that’s why I wrote “check your planned use scenario before purchase.”

Basically taken, my reasons to buy an another interface as well, is to route the current interface to an interface 2’s line in, to be able to play midi-keyboard via Reason 12 and record the sound + video in the real time, with the screen recording software (in my case with the FlashBack Pro 5 Recorder). My interface’s line out to an interface 2’s line in should do the trick.

I’d then use my Mackie audio interface for Reason and UR22 to Record all of it, with the FlashBack Pro 5 Recorder. All I’d need to do is to route my Mackie interface out into the UR22 in and while I’d have a Mackie ASIO for Reason 12, then I’d send the output signal into the UR22 and record it down. + the video too.

Ok, I don’t really know how reason works, so I will just shut up now:)