Will the MC even work with N6.5?

I’m getting really concerned about the future of the Euphonix/Avid MC Control. I got mine used about 11 months ago and I expected a very smooth intergration of this device into my studio. After all it was well established with almost a decade of use. So, surely there would be tons of real world USER BASED information to learn from, not to mention the elimination of all the bugs that come out with new technology.

But my experience was anything but! The GUI was not great, the manual (if you could call it that) was laughable and there were lots of quirks if not outright bugs! Nevertheless, I clawed my way through the learning curve and finally got it set up to be an actual asset for my room, in that now I missed the shortcuts it could save me when it wasn’t working. Which brings me to the point. IT’S NOT WORKING MOST OF THE TIME!

Every single day, when I go down to work, I’m on pins and needles wondering if this thing is even going to fire up. IF it does, that day “I win.” If it does not, then I’m in for hours of lost time tracking down the problem to get it back on line. This is total BS for a piece of gear that is supposed to be for professional use!

I know I’m not alone on this because both this forum and the Avid forum are full of complaints/questions regarding MC Controls crashing on both the Mac and PC platforms. There are numerous questions about which iteration (2.7 v 3.0 v 3.1 etc) will actually work with their respective DAWs to insure STABLE performance. But the most troubling pattern, to me, is the one where the MC seems to work better and better with Pro Tools and less so with everybody else! Features that used to be available for Nuendo/Logic/DP etc, no longer work as well or at all, while the MC becomes more and more PT oriented.

My MC has been off-line for the last 2 days after dropping connection to N6 towards the end of a session. I was using it and then, bang, I got the error message saying that it had stopped working. I have no clue why and re-booting the session and or the PC has done nothing to wake this thing up. After all of the aggrevaton just learning how to use this thing and then not having it perform as promised (the faders won’t stay where you set them, NONE of the 8 knobs will calibrate to the DAW - 2K reading on the N6 EQ is 2010 on the MC knob, etc.) and now you can never be sure if it will actually work at all, I’ve had just about enough! It may be time to cut my losses here. :angry: :cry:

This sucks because I really wanted to give my wrist a break from that freakin’ mouse and NUAGE is still far too many thousands of dollars out of reach! Does anybody have any suggestions for “a bridge” controller while I work out the ultimate goal of NUAGE ownership?

I can’t give you any advice on a different controller…

… but, for what it’s worth, I have had connectivity problems similar to what you describe.

100% of the time it’s had to do with network id assignments, and the only way to really fix it (I haven’t fooled around with a fixed address yet, but am considering asking a kid who understands these things better than I to advise me) has been to shut down the computer and every device attached to the network (router, phones, MC, other computers, WiFi point-- everything), turn the router back on and then reboot (with MC off). After EuCon has loaded, THEN turn the MC back on. After that, other devices can go on.

I’ve encountered situations where a laptop was interfering; others when it was the iPhone. But going through this routine sets everything back to “good and dependable” at least until the next power outage or internet failure, which seems to play an active role in messing things up.

That’s how it is over here, anyway.


Yeah, I finally got it up and running again. But I had to un-install it and re-install it (what’s that make the count now, 300 times???) in order to do so. I put it on it’s own address months ago to stop this and if there had been a power failure, I could’ve understood that. But having it drop contact in the middle of a session??? I don’t get it.

I’m glad I work alone 90% of the time. I’d be terrified to use this thing in a client attended session!

I’ve had better luck with fixed IP addresses for my Euphonix Artist Series controllers. I always have to switch them on before I boot up my Mac - just seems to work that way.

By the way, I’m trying to see if there is an updated Eucon adapter but can’t find the download on Steinbergs site. Anyone know where to find it?

Actually, I’ve just found the “Steinberg Eucon Adapter” link under the downloads “Content and accessories” drop down.

Hi to you all,

here a few answers regarding your questions:

Will the MC even work with N6.5?

Yes, there will be a new Adapter version for Nuendo 6.5. also addressing the crash on quit issue.

I’ve just found the “Steinberg Eucon Adapter” link under the downloads “Content and accessories”

As stated on the site, please note and use this Adapter only for the Nuendo 5.5.x application.

Just a short summary of the history:

  1. For Nuendo 3.x to Nuendo 5.0.x the EuCon Adapter is / was installed by the EuCon Software.
  2. To make the Adapter release independent of the EuCon software release, Steinberg created
    it´s own separate Adapter installer at the time of Nuendo 5.5. & Cubase 6.0-6.5 found at
  3. To make it even easier for the user the EuCon Adapter is now part and integrated into every
    Nuendo 6.x & Cubase 7.x installer as well as the version updater to always include and provide
    the correct & corresponding EuCon Adapter for the host. There is no separate Adapter installer
    for Nuendo 6.x and C.7.x for downloading anymore.

If for some reason you unticked the Adapter for your initial Nuendo 6 installation, open either
your ISO or DVD again or (better) the latest N.6.0.7 updater and just tick and (re-) install the
relevant EuCon Adapter.
Note for Win 64 bit: the Nuendo 6 and Cubase 7 32bit application need to use the 32bit EuCon
Adapter and the Nuendo 6 and Cubase 7 64bit application need to use the 64bit EuCon Adapter.

I hope this info helps. best wishes, Tino

Not finding any later adapters, I’ve run the installer for the Nuendo 5.5 version. I’m running Nuendo 6.0.7 and am having a few issues (for example I can no longer scroll whole banks of faders, they only move along one at a time). I’ll contact support to work out how to go back.

So we have to wait for 6.5 to get rid of the annoying eucon crash on Nuendo’s exit? WHEN can we upgrade to 6.5 from 6.0.7? I checked the site last week and they only offered upgrade options from 5.X. :confused: