Will the resale wizard be working ever again?

I’m tired of the issues and frustrations I’m having with Cubase v12 Pro and wanted to sell it, but the Resale Wizard isn’t available since v12 was released earlier this year:

With v11 or earlier I could simply sell it by removing the license from my account and mailing eLicenser USB dongle to the new owner, who’d register it on their end. But now the v11 Pro license on the USD stick has been rendered unusable after upgrade to v12.

Am I stuck with the license forever now?

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Cubase 12 licensing FAQ says:

Can I sell licenses? If so, how?

Yes, you will still be able to sell your retail licenses using the Steinberg Licensing system. We will provide details of this process in the future.

Note, however, after you have updated an existing license for a Steinberg product to a version that uses the new Steinberg Licensing system, although the license for the previous version will remain in your eLicenser, you cannot resell, transfer or update/upgrade that license.


Thanks, I know that :pray:

The question is when?. “…in the future” is a very broad and unspecified term.

It’s been 3+ months since v12 was released alongisde the new licensing system. Since they already have a database of who holds which license, surely writing a piece of code that transfers the license between users isn’t rocket science?

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That’s all the info that is currently available. Sorry about that. The info was available before purchasing though wasn’t it?