Will the UR824 work in USB 3.0 Port?

I’ll be ordering a new Custom built Computer (Skylake CPU). It has 8 USB 3.0 ports and only 2 USB 2.0. The builder has had great success using the 3.0 ports but I’d like to know if anyone has the UR824 working with 3.0?

No problems her.


my UR 824 Does NOT :frowning: but not to sure if its a USB3.0 or a faulty UR either way I’m not happy

My builder (Jim Roseberry) had this to say: “…
I think you’ll be just fine with Intel USB3 under Win10. Most of the USB3 problems you see mentioned are the result of using 3rd-party USB3 controllers. Prior to Z77 chipset motherboards, literally all USB3 controllers were 3rd-party. That opens to door for compatibility issues (similar to using a non-TI chipset Firewire controller)…”.

So I think I’ll be ok.