Will there be a Wavelab Studio 7?

Hey guys, I’m a Cubase user and wanted to invest in Wavelab.

I had demoed the product back when the Wavelab 5 demo was out and absolutely love it. I would really only be using it for basic editing and also for the FFT, which I really like as it provides a linear mode which most analysers don’t.

My problem is this:

Wavelab Elements is around $120 AU but doesn’t include the analyser
Wavelab full is around $620 AU (that’s almost 6 times the price!!) and does include the analyser

It’s really hard to justify spending so much money to obtain only that one little feature that I wished the Elements version would have.

Cubase has 3 versions to choose from yet Wavelab only has 2 which have a significant price difference. Are there any plans for a Wavelab Studio (mid-tier) version at the $350 - $400 mark which will include the FFT?


Aother version between WaveLab Elements and WaveLab 7 will not come, but WaveLab Elements includes already the following analysis tools:

Global Analysis
3D Frequency Analysis
VU Meter