Will There Ever Be An Update For Cubase 7.5?

Will there ever be an update for 7.5 beyond the 7.5.40 release?

I’m at a real hard spot in the road here. There are many things that are broken in 7.5.40. Bugs that were never fixed, Cubase deleting files, corrupting audio upon bouncing or rendering etc etc etc.

And yet I pretty much can’t stand Cubase 8x with the completely whacked Window/workspace issues. It totally took all the joy out of working with this product when I realized that someone arbitrarily decided to change the interface.

Is there a way to lobby Steinberg to add the bug fixes to the 7.5 code? There’s not one feature of 8 or 8.5 I care about. Plugin management is cool, and long overdue. But I would happily forgo that feature to restore my workspace.

Many probably don’t have a problem with the lack of a window background because they only work with one monitor. For those of us with dual monitor setups, however, the lack of a background is a total nightmare.

Aside from just the horribleness of how this new window setup works, which is defectively, it’s a huge distraction to have parts of the desktop, or worse, other applications, showing in the background.

Even when spreading things out to try and get total cover, things show underneath and divert my focus from what I’m working on.

This makes for poorer workflow and poorer productivity. And it makes for an annoying Cubase experience.

Does Steinberg listen to its users at all? Whose idea was it to mess with the window layout and why?

Wouldn’t hope for a 7.5 update. That’s the way it goes, there will probably never be a finished version.

8/8.5: took a short while to get used to the mac-style title bar/no background (you can get a background by doubleclicking it btw), but especially in multi monitor setup I find it pretty useful. Got one for my arrange, one for the mixer, one for other stuff. On Windows 7 I just drag mixer/project to the top and they maximize themselves as any other window. That equals the workspaces I had before.

Thanks for the ideas MarQs. I really mean that. And maybe I can just get used to it. Or I could just go back to using Logic. Or maybe Digital Performer.

There is just too much wrong with Cubase to have to put up with such nonsensical developments. It was really the chord track that got me. Out of all the features many of us really need, all the bugs that need fixed, we get a chord track?

Currently, you can’t use audio warp features because when you render or bounce the warped audio, it gets whacked. This is a reported issue for years now. And instead of fixing it, we got a chord track.

This is just one example of literally dozens of defects, design flaws and bugs in Cubase.

So why should I keep spending money for upgrades that add features I don’t want without fixing the bugs, defects, and design flaws i need fixed?

I’ve invested in Cubase in both time and money. And yet I feel professionals like me have no voice at all in the development of the software. I honestly can’t imagine what group of users they were targeting with chord tracks.

Certainly not music industry professionals.

There is. It is called 8.5.10

And you definitely should care about it, as many things are much better in it.

I would call myself a Cubase Pro power user - daily usage and my average project is 100 tracks with fully loaded insert rack and I have found that the latest update (8.5.10) fixes a few things that were real annoyances in previous versions. Still a work in progress but definitely better.

You say you don’t want a transparent background and prefer the grey window then simply click the Cubase logo in the top left and the grey will appear. (On PC anyway)

Often what one calls a bug or problem turns out to be a lack of education in Cubase. It truly is a HUGE program offering features unmatched by any other DAW software.

Perhaps Steinberg should have someone like Greg Ondo do a full “using Cubase series” that touches on everything the software can do for new users. (Which does exist already in rough unedited form in the ClubCubase YouTube channel)

*** Correction:
Make that a Double click on the blank area of the title bar, NEAR the “Cubase Pro” words to get the grey background.

Will there be an update for 7.5? No chance!

Use 7.5 as it is.
Upgrade to 8.5
Use another DAW

I think those are the three choices.

Many? Much better?
You cannot be serious.

Care to name a few of the “many” things that are “much better” in 8.5.1?

Let me quickly reiterate over the 8 and 8.5 new features:

Cubase 8:

  1. Performance boost - Many users have not seen one
  2. VCA - Still broken and poorly implemented after over a year and 6 releases
  3. Render In Place - Good enough, not done, but usable
  4. Improved Windows Handling on PC - Saddest joke I’ve ever heard
  5. Plugin Manager - Very small but useful feature
  6. Virgin Territories - Probably the weirdest of the bunch. Instead of improving what was there, they went with this new thing that nobody is using. I am guessing this will be abandoned

Cubase 8.5
Just like in 8, the number of new features is so embarrassingly small that they’re not listed in a clear fashion, but in rather vague generalized descriptions like “Refining the acclaimed MixConsole environment”…

  1. The VST Cloudy Transit - hmmmm
  2. Minor Mixer tweaks, but welcome nevertheless. 8.5.1 took again a few steps backwards
  3. Import tracks from projects - Nice but far from complete
  4. Some MIDI tools updates
  5. Profile Manager - ok, not a bad thing to have I guess
  6. Separate punch in / out locators - just like 5.

We’re looking at 2 years of development from 7.5 and 8.5, so which of the 12 new features would you call “many” or “much better”?

I couldn’t agree more. Especially with the “poorly implemented” part. Every major feature I’ve seen since version 3 has been crap. The audio warp I mentioned, can’t even use it.
Trying to match audio to tempo is so dumb it should be in some hall of fame.

Let’s say you’ve got a live track that you need to sync to tempo. It should be super easy, even the way Steinberg set it up: You go in a drag hitpoints or whatever to the timeline and voila. But Steinberg made so that the end of the audio clip won’t budge. So, if you’re audio, on average, ends up being slightly faster or slower, it will scrunch or stretch at the end, thereby making your work unusable.

I could go on and on and on. Every major feature has a design flaw like this.

With the addition of the chord track, which as far as I can tell, only appeals to amateurs, I’mn starting to see Steinberg morphing into Yamaha. Except Yamaha has higher coding standards, even if they are targeted toward the Casio market.