Will this be enough to handle Cubase 8 fluidly?

I’m thinking of getting a mobile DAW to do post-processing etc on nearly ready made songs.
I also want the option to record and build songs in it.

I had in mind something fairly small like the HP OMEN 15 5180

CPU: i7 4720 HQ
Should I wait for skylake although it actually seems to perform worse than this generation?

RAM: 16 gb 1600 MHZ DDR3
Should I wait for Skylake and DDR4 ?

(For Cubase main system. What else do you suggest I put here?)

Extra space: External usb 3.0 3tb Harddrive
(Will this have issues or will 3.0 usb be fast enough even if it’s external? What should I put here, plugins and the songs?)

Audiocard: M-Audio fastrack (small external card for on the go processing?)

Reason I’m asking is that I’m only familiar with working on a uniform desktop system; My Desktop which is basically only SSD driven, but it’s getting old.
My creativity is a little fragile and I’m worried that hiccups and slow processing can kill a song before it’s made.

I mainly use plugins with a midicontroller which means that it can become quite a few, as I like to write orchestral/ symphonic pieces.

Thank you very much for your kind input/assistance!

Switching from desktop to laptop can lead to a significant drop in performance even with similar (but mobile) processors.
I can recommend a desktop in a laptop format since i bought one a while ago and it is one of the better purchases i have done. (see specs)
Another advantage is to have up to 4 HD’s in one laptop, so there is no need to fuss around with external drives. The new mini SSD’s are quite affordable nowadays.
A small disadvantage is (in my case) i have to carry around an external DVD-writer. But that is an older standard nowadays and maybe not something that is futureproof anymore.

kind regards,