Will This Sound-Card Compliment My New Set-Up?

Hi there,

I just custom-built this new PC:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Cubase 7 64-bit
2x Intel Xeon E5 Processor(s)
32GB Quad-Channel RAM
128GB Samsung SSD
4TB Seagate Secondary Drive
4TB Hitachi Third Drive

I am an electronic music producer and I constantly use upwards of 250+ tracks in my work (MIDI, Instrument, Instrument Rack, FX Channel, Group and Audio tracks). My current sound-card is an Edirol FA-101 that, even on a new PC like this – gives me huge ASIO overload spikes. I am looking into buying an RME HDSPe card with an RME Multiface II Interface. The Edirol FA-101 cannot make use of Cubase’s new Multimedia Class Scheduler Service on Windows, either. Can anyone vouch for this audio-interface? Should I trust this purchase to handle that many tracks? What can this card actually do for my performance? I intend to use this card as a gateway between Cubase and my Genelecs, Virus TI and PreSonus HP4 Headphone Amplifier only (for now). I assume this card and Cubase is similar to what Pro Tools and Avid’s HD cards do? I’d appreciate the help!

P.S. If anyone knows of any compatibility issues between Cubase and this card, I’d appreciate any heads-up, too!

Buy it, try it. Money return if it shouldn’t be sufficient…

As stated in the other thread, RME with their great drivers can make a huge difference to performance. 250 tracks are a lot though, you really have to test with such high demands.

I don’t think there are compatibility issues with Cubase. IIRC, the HDSPe driver, however, was designed for Windows XP, and despite RME updating it for compatibility with Win 7/8, I’ve read of several users having issues with those OS’s. Make sure you have the latest drivers and flash updates.

I’m using a Fireface 800 since 2006. 2006! Did I mention - since 2006? Originally with XP, then Win7 64. No single driver glitch with RME yet. That’s really astonishing.

There’s no company I know of that supports their products in such great manner, they have my deep respect! Driver support is absolutely nothing to worry about with RME.

Hi, I use an RME Raydat Card with Cubase 7/64 Bit.

I had used some other Cards before that.

there is ONE Thing I can say: If the RME Products cant handle a load, you will most likely find no competitor who CAN handle it. The RME Drivers are definitely top Level.

Cheers, Ernst

Agreed! RME has the best drivers. Best choice I ever made.

Superb; I’ve been using the Multiface II on both a Mac Pro and a PC for over 3 years now, and not one single fault or glitch. Drivers are excellent and firmware updates are issued as needed.

I am working with a PC configuration similar to yours, and I am using up to 3 rme HSDPe Cards in the workstation, all with Mulitface II attached.

After testing many other Interfaces, I settled with this rme solution because it gave me - by far - the best possible performance out of the systems I have. And it is rock solid with Cubase, not one crash in our daily live performances.

However you will have to test for yourself wheher your project setup will work for you, because track count doesn’t say much. The actual system load all depends on the VST plugins and VST instruments you are using, together with the buffer size you can tolerate.

But I believe, you can savely assume that if your project setup doesn’t work for you on your new PC with rme, it won’t work with any other interface as well.


You owe it to yourself to look at a Lynx Aurora with the pcie card from Lynx. Best converter I’ve ever heard.

I agree in general though, RME makes great products as well.