Will upgraded cubase 6 dongle work on my old studio 4 setup?

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I wonder if anyone can help here…

I am presently running cubase studio 4 on my PC…

I will soon be buying a new PC and am upgrading to cubase 6

My question is this, will the “upgraded” dongle still allow me to run my old PC with cubase studio 4? The reason I ask this is that I want to set up Cubase studion 6 on my “new” computer and ensure all my old work runs on it correctly, I want to ensure I can still access my songs on the old PC that has cubase studio 4. I am slighlty worried that when I upgrade my dongle will not work with my old cubase studio 4 setup.

Many thanks…

Yes. If not, you´ll have to update the e-license software on your old computer.

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Quite a few years ago I upgraded from Cubase SL to SX. SL never worked again.
However all my projects translated to SX without any issues and I was happy.
I don’t think Steinberg like to have two products available for the price of one.

Hello Silhouette,

It is correct that it whas not possible in the past. But since a vew years it is possible.



I can use SX3, 4, 5 and 6 with my “6 dongle” so no problem :slight_smile:

me too, and SX2 as well.

Thanks folks… much appreciated…