Will VST Connect Pro 5 be able record multiple VST Connect performers simultaneously any time soon?

Can VST Connect Pro 5 record multiple VST Connect performers simultaneously?

I have Nuendo 12 & VST Connect Pro 5. I’d like to have Four VST Connect Performers record dialog simultaneously for a remote Voice-over session utilizing VST Connect Performer (For the talent) in a group. The performers are located in different parts of the USA & some in Europe. Can VST Connect Pro 5 accomplish this?
The only other software solution that can accomplish this is a 3rd party software called “Source-Connect” (by Source Elements), which cost at a starting price of $1495. VST Connect pro is much easier & much more affordable, but it can only record 1 remote talent at a time per session. I don’t want to spend $1500 just for that particular 3rd party software, but I’m really not seeing any solutions with VST Connect 5 being able to do Multiple remote connections per location. Steinberg can you please make this a reality? I asked about this back in March 2022 & haven’t heard anything from your company.
I hope to hear an update about this. Please make this request a reality!!

Dave E.

We would like to and are considering this, but cannot promise anything as of now, sorry.