Will we ever see automation improvements in Cubase?

Reaper have just awesome automation ideas.

Like this --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l40bwZ9I0to

Can we do like this in Cubase? No? Still a lot time clicking on envelopes… Such a shame :frowning:

Even in LOOP mode when I change values in automation pass, if there is no automation written after the Right marker it doesn’t jump up to the original value. Another pitfall.

Track versions, Instruments Track, Paid Upgrade…??? Are you kiddin?

Sorry Steinberg, but next time I will invest my money in another DAW.


I love Cubase for many reasons. But I hate how it handles automation.

-It needs simple trim fonction like Pro Tools or reaper. Maybe the range tool could be improved as a trim tool.;

-For better visibility, coloring the section below the automation line, cause some track color are hard to see…;

-automation lane on the same track as the audio or midi part.

-moving a node with the select tool should erase other existing nodes instead of being trapped.


+1 alongside bezier curves and programmable automation curves, lfos…

meantime check this for a (not ideal) workaround: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=38182

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Don’t get me wrong, i really like cubase but this is the one MAJOR lacking feature of cubase that is having me thinking about switching to another daw.

I can’t stand having to draw points, selecting them is often a pain, fiddle around with tiny micro dots, 8 clicks + extra mousing for a simple automation, this is counter productive !

Yes we can. Just use the right tools. Line tool for volume, pen tool for panning automation. But improvements are welcome.

Ugh… Reaper… that´s one seriously ugly and cluttered interface. And those icons… that program doesn´t really look intuitive

But +1 on some improvements for automation trim tools

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Reaper is a great product imo, mmv, but (generally speaking) it’s automation system kinda bites. While that particular thing is nice, agree, you guys are - much - better off for automation, by a long shot. Trust me on that.

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So you really think I didn’t know about it?

Watch this video. That 2 seconds tricks in Reaper take 2 hours pen drawing in Cubase.

Range tool can be used for that purpose, because for now it’s useless crap.

Yes, it seems you didn’t know about it, if it takes 2 hours! I can do the things from this video, in Cubase in nearly the same time as in Reaper!


I can do that same think with only 2 more mouse clicks than what was demonstrated in the video. I think you’re overreacting a bit, and could use a bit more time with the automation capabilities of Cubase if you can’t do the same before you complain as loudly as you are.

“Awesome” Really? Doesn’t take much to impress you then. :unamused:

That remains to be seen. :stuck_out_tongue:

For unknown reasons, this doesn’t work on OS X.