Will we have a new Steinberg Control-Surface in 2015 ?


I would love it if Steinberg/Yamaha release a new Control-Surface this year (2015). That is designed for Project Studios, offering some of the design, and functionality of their high-end Nuage system, but in a smaller, more affordable footprint, i.e. (Nuage-Junior).

I know I have other options, i.e Avid Control Surfaces, Steinberg Nuage, or CMC line, but a Nuage-Junior designed to perfectly fit into a project studio centered around Cubase Pro 8, would be imho. the perfect control surface for Cubase. Sadly, it still does not exist.

So… Do you feel something like a Nuage-Junior will be released this year ?

Come on Steinberg … I think this will be so great to have. Please make a Nuage-Junior if you have not began making it already.