will working behringer xair 18. with stainberg

i will buying for the start cubase and wavelab EL and im not shure will it working. this interface ,software with beliw equiments.
i need it only for recording life performance L&R and after cuting or,and diwiding.Cubase for record true instruments ,keys,acustic drums guit and bras instruments.
im not shure if it gear compatibil.Will working 18 outs and input on Cubase EL ?
thancks for information and help wish nece day.

Not sure exactly what you are asking about. Could you be more clear??? Thanks!

i will simply asking if wave lab working with behringer xair 18 input and output.Because i wana buying wavelab el 10 .

@bortchy: Are you already using the XR-18 with other DAW software in your OS? In that case Wavelab Elements should also work. AFAIK there are several drivers available that can be used.