Win 10 driver for multiple ASIO inputs in Cubase 12 Pro?

I’m bumping up against driver/ Cubase audio setup restrictions that are limiting me to using my UR44 as my sole audio interface.

Is there a Win10 / Yamaha driver that allows more than one ASIO source to be connected to Cubase 12 Pro? I’m using a UR44 (Tools v222) connected via USB; Yamaha USB driver v213.

I’d like to be able to bypass the UR44 for certain inputs, such as a USB direct out from either my ART Voice Channel or my mixing board. I can route either of these into other basic sound recording softwares like Goldwave. I could possibly live with jumping back & forth on ASIO drivers in Cubase’s Studio Setup, but Cubase can’t even see other USB inputs as an option.

Saying that, the other obvious part of the problem is output. In Goldwave I can select a separate USB in and the UR44 for playback. I know of no way for 2 ASIOs to co-exist in Cubase like that.

Am I swimming upstream here, or just clueless? Ideas on how to get around this?


Cubase is designed like that as there is a problem with sync between different devices. So within Cubase you can only ever select one audio interface for in and out.

However you can use asio4all which will allow this. It is a generic asio driver mainly used for laptop internal audio interfaces but can also do what you want. In Cubase you only select the asio4all driver. You will need to read up on it to see how you can use multiple interfaces as it’s not something I would do or have tried. I prefer the stability of using a single audio interface. Some people think asio4all is great but it is not the audio interfaces native asio driver and so other things with your audio interface may not work. Like the control panel it comes with.