Win 10: Is there any chance to use Remote Desktop again?

I know that this topic is old, but has somebody tried it with 2 Windows 10 computers?

I use it all the time with two Windows 10 computers. No problem.

I don’t use it for Cubase, but for Cinema 4d and AE cc2015. Makes it easier to start and keep an eye on the render clients on the second machine.

The two are on the same local network so it was cake to set up.

Maybe the question was not clear. There was a problem with Cubase 8 and Remote Desktop unter Win7/Win8.
So the question is: Is it possible to use the Remote Desktop for Cubase 8 when both machines are running Win 10?

Oh, sorry, bemi. I can’t answer that since I never use Cubase that way.

Now I tested it myself.

Remote Desktop for Cubase 8.5 is working, if both computer running Windows 10.