Win 10 update, Serious driver dilemma - UR44 and DSPmix

I have dealt with this bug for around four months. I had gotten it working normally again the first time, but sadly everything I try now doesn’t work.

I had a Windows Update, updated to a new build of Windows, which could be considered the ‘October Update’. The entire Steinberg/Yamaha drivers tend to corrupt and become completely impossible to work or entirely uninstall. I really don’t want to reinstall Windows, as I currently don’t have any backup drive that could accommodate my files.

I have done a system restore, back to version 1803, and it seems that this problem came back with it. I can’t get the DspMixFX to work, as it will just hang on the Windows Installer ‘preparing to install’ window. With some finagling, occasionally I run into the driver uninstall wizard, and it returns with the error "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed’. I’ve tried deleting registry entries that involve Yamaha/Steinberg, deleting hidden files that tend to contain copies of the Yamaha installer, that give me this error

I have no idea what to do exactly, but it would be best if Steinberg released a patch to completely solve this problem. The latest version of the USB Driver, 1.10.3, gives me the error of "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed.’

I am confused and about to reinstall Windows, but I fear that this issue is going to stay, even with a reinstallation. I can’t be the only one with this problem, so I would really appreciate a response from the actual Steinberg team. If I can’t get anyone on the forum, I will contact them through e-mail or phone. I need this repaired ASAP.

Thank you.

This is a user to user forum. You will not receive individual tech support from Steinberg here, though there are experienced users willing to help. You should send a support request via your Steinberg account, and also participate here.

Without knowing exactly which files or registry entries actually pertain to the situation, it’s pretty unlikely you would have any joy via the process you described.

What Steinberg software is actually installed? Are you trying to uninstall a driver that’s not installed?

Are you familiar with the Device Manager?

I think they were already disabled keys in the registry, and I notice no major difference in any of the changes. So that could be forgotten, I was trying to retrace my steps. I am definitely trying to uninstall a driver that’s still being recognized as existing. It tends to throw the same two error, or the ‘preparing to Install’ screen. The UR-44 still appears as an audio device, and is still functional. I don’t know why DSPMix broke, along with those settings. I use DSPMix as my primary mixing system for my live streams, including the Loopback feature. I could try to uninstall with Device Manager, would that be an option?

Reading through I am of the opinion that when you altered the registry you may have disrupted the normal ‘flow’. If it were me I would (although a drag) start with a completely fresh install of the O/S and load all your software again … I know it’s wincing but big problems need bid answers … sometimes. Of course you could purchase a registry repairer software package and with luck when you run it, maybe it’ll find the bug …

Did you get any answer on your problem. I have the same problem. And I Can´t get any solution.