win 7 64 Yamaha XS Rack Firewire

This is what I did today. Russ is a Yamaha support guy. I should mention the initial conflict was using the RME and Rack on the same 3 port FW card BLOCKED the Midi on the RME.

Russ: If you’re having issues with the two firewire devices integrating into the same system, why not use the USB port of the Rack instead of firewire?
Reply:From my previous e mail below. the difference is HUIGE in wait time for sync
“I mentioned on a forum the reason I use the FW option on the XS is for communication NOT as an ASIO card, the FF800 is the ASIO card. The XS is way quicker communicating via FW than USB or standard Midi.”
Russ:You cannot assign more than one ASIO driver within Cubase anyway. Perhaps this is your issue.
Reply: I do not quite understand this. I only use the RME as my ASIO device
Russ: Even if you have the Rack connected via firewire, unless the YSFW driver is selected as the ASIO driver, you will be transmitting and receiving MIDI only.
Reply: See above. A HUGE difference in wait time.
Russ: Also, do you have the IEEE1394 setting found in the General Utility Menu set to “FW” and is the MIDI IN/OUT setting within the MIDI Utility Menu set to “MLAN”?
Reply: Yes to both settings.
Russ: This means you have to have the analog audio outputs of the Rack connected to something so you can hear it. the firewire connection will not send audio signal unless the YSFW driver is selected as the ASIO driver within Cubase.
Reply: I use the spdif oput to the RME spdif in for audio.

I got the computer back today and added another FW card that I took out of my old computer(PCI). Now the RME Midi is passed and the standalone Studio Manager works BUT in Cubase 6 I can hit the audition button on the XS VST Editor and hear audio fine but playing Midi notes hang and are intermittent. This is messed up!! I will forward this info to the support guy at PCAudiolabs and post on the Motifator XS Rack forum.BTW I did create a device in Midi Device Manager of Cubase using the included template for XS Rack. Anyone have any ideas???