win 7 speakers work but not usb headphones (do not show up)

I first looked though this forum and others for a solution but as I do not see the headphone device, I still need help. I will try and be detailed.

I have cubase 7 on win7 using novation xstation ( audio system) as my asio driver via a usb to my computer. This as a standard setup, has sound out of my main speakers just fine but my computer has the usb headphones as the playback default and uses them for everything. I want to use then for cubase but hear nothing. I do not see a visible listing of the headphones device in vst connections or the device setup/ vst audio system / novation usb audio driver - all I have there is output1 and output2 (which I assume default to my speakers) - so I can not change my speakers out to my headphone out as listed fine in the win7/sound/playback file.

I can use the headphone jack out of the novation xstaion but would really like the audio strema to go through main computer and its usb headphones if possible. Any help is appreciated. This has worked before in the past, but the main issue this time, if I am remembering right is, I can not get the usb headphones that are fine on my win7 sound/playback list visible to choose in the cubase audio chain.