Win 8 64 bit: Strange back-front windows behaviour N5.5.5


When a window (of another program) is on top of the Nuendo window, I have to close the window first or click on the Nuendo program icon at the taskbar before Nuendo responds. I can’t just click somewhere in the Nuendo window to activate it.

As a result I can’t drag and drop audiofiles from desktop or another location into Nuendo.

Is there a setting for this I missed?

On my second system which is identical except that it has 1 monitor instread of 2 monitors connected, I don’t have the problem… Very strange…

The ‘back-front’ problem only happens with Nuendo. All other programs are working normal.

Anyone any suggestions?


I discoverded the ‘back-front’ problem is not happening when I run nuendo without administrator privileges. Only problem then is that Jbridge (which I need for several 32bit plugins) is not working properly without administrator privileges.


I m installing win 8 these days. I have lots of various software to install and test. I will check these behaviours soon. Keep in touch.


Problem is solved. Avid’s Eucontrol 2.6.2 is causing the problem. When I quit that, everything works fine.

All the best,