[WIN] Nuendo 5.5.5 crashes with SSL Duende Native X-EQ

… no matter if I use VST 2 or 3, 32 or 64 bit.

Duende Native v 4.0.6 (there ain’t nothing newer than that, is it?). System is Win 7 Professional, in that case. X-EQ seems to work fine with other hosts (e.g. Vienna Ensemble Pro 5) and other operating systems (OS-X 10.8) on the same machine.

All other Duende Native plug-ins seem to work without problems, AFAICS after a month of usage on this system.

Any ideas? At a first glance it seems to be Nuendo-related. Maybe it’s the X-EQ’s GUI with its animated analyzer-overlay?

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Hmmm … sometimes I really miss the liveliness of the “old” Nuendo-forum. :cry:

no sh!t

I suspect the main reason for lack of response is that not many have the X-EQ, Dietz.
I know I stopped after the Channel Strip & Compressor with Duende - is the X-EQ that good?

Come to think of it - I do not even have those installed on the new DAW…

Well, AFAIK, X-EQ is actually based on Algorithmix’ Blue PEQ, which is most likely one of the two or three best-sounding digital EQs I’ve ever used (not in the sense of an “I wanna be a Neve/Tubetech/YouNameIt” pseudo-analogue EQ - just good DSP). It’s the most flexible in any case (e.g. parallel mode, half a dozen of Lo/Hi cut filter types, etc.).


Algorithmix seems to be history (at least I don’t get answers from formerly trusted contact persons any more) … :-/ … that’s why I would love to have a reliably working Duende X-EQ on my main system. sigh

But anyway - thanks for answering, Neil. This place seems to be a bit orphaned, these days …