Win XP to Win 7 - lost other plugs-in on menu list

I am updating from Win XP to Win 7, Cubase 5.5.3. I have Antares 6/7 and UAD 1 & 2 cards. I installed the software (UAD 5.9, latest version) for the other plug-ins, then added the new plug-in paths to the “Devices/Plug-ins Information/VST2 Plug-in Path” menu. I rebooted and fired up Cubase. Now all my extra non-Steingberg plug-ins can be accessed and used as inserts on channels, and the UAD reverbs can be inserted and used in FX Channels, and are working. BUT…none of the non-Steinberg plug-ins get listed in the menu path “Audio/Plug-ins” so I can’t apply a plug-in to a specific segment of audio in my edit window. So I can’t use the graphic window in Antares to polish tuning.
I have uninstalled Cubase 5.5.3 and then installed C 5.0, hoping that something went wrong in one of the updates, but still the same menu path problem. The menu paths always worked when I was using WinXP.
I have tried to put new folders in the “Programs (x86)/Steinberg/Cubase 5/VST2” path (and other paths that work for inserted plug-ins) hoping they would show up in the “Audio/Plug-ing” menu, but the only thing I get is the “Steinberg” folder that leads to the Steinberg plug-ins.
Quick summary - non-Steinberg plug-ins work as channel inserts, but aren’t accessible via the “Top of Page” menu. Thanks for any suggestions/input.

  • Chris

Have you trashed Prefs?