win10 - cubase 8/8.5 + Reason 8 does not work

under windows 10 cubase 8-8.5 won’t work in rewire mode with reason 8 or reaper! reason won’t start at all, reaper starts but is not rewired with cubase.
reason 8 in reaper 5.1 works perfectly.

anybody have the same issues?

where is the rewire.dll stored for cubase? in the steinberg folder i can’t find the rewire.dll.

found two folders on my c drive with rewire.dll…seems that they belong to cubase 8.0.0 and 8.5 but did not install:




help yourself…found the problem:
rewire did not install…copied the rewire.dll in the stein berg folder under programs
and in common folder - new preferences scan…now it works.

Can you be a bit more specific ?
Rewire installed but it system 32 and syswow64
do i copy ReWire.dll just in C:Program files > Steinberg & C: Program files >common files?

where is preferences Scan?

My rewire wont show up in cuebase 8.5 win 10 64bit can u help Please