System info: Win10, 16 gb RAM, i7, Cubase 8.5 (ASUS ROG G751jy)

Issue: New project with only one wav sample on loop. When I open the sample editor the GUI behaves sluggish/laggy. For example, the transport cursor (the line that indicates where the track is playing) is behaving laggy and jumps frequently during playback. This also seem to affect the audio meters. This does not affect the sound performance but it is really annoying (this video illustrates what I mean with “jumping” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZDoPMqMCV8, it does happen quite randomly, but also when i chose the scissors tool and move the mouse around within the project. I have tried all the performance enhancing steps suggested in other threads, and tried the same project on my 6 year old macbook pro, which did not have the same “laggy”/jumpy issues. I find it really strange since my computer is completely new and i just bought cubase last week.

How to reproduce the issue:

  1. open a new project
  2. drag and drop a drumloop wav into the project
  3. create a loop containing only the drumloop (2 bars)
  4. open up the sample editor

I do hope anyone can help me because this is getting on my nerves. Thank you

this is also ocurring if i select the scissor and move the mouse around within the project. Does anyone know about solutions to this or know what might be the problem?