Win10 jbridge Cubase 8 Pro + 32 bit plugins

Wondering if anyone is using the steinberg plugins from the old school days…? i love using bitcrusher and med delay, though they cannot be bridged over to the 64bit host environment. within cubase 7.5, just wondering if that issue was fixed in C8 with windows 10?

Also, is jbridge the way forwards with Cubase 8 or is the steinberg bridging more stable these days?

Many thanks prior to your replies :slight_smile:

Those plugins work on my 64bit system using the standard 32bit bridge - however 32bit stability and issues seem to be getting worse with every Cubase and OS release.

Jbridge is still the best. Using it here on Win7 64 Cubase 8 pro 64 with a few plugins that will never be 64 bit like my UAD1…

I wish Steinberg would update Mod-Delay!! Its so simple and has a great sound. I still use it all the time, but with with bit-bridge, so it definitely works with 7.5 and 8 for me.


… i need to give a HUGE +1 on updating ModDelay, now that C9 is out and bit-bridging is a thing of the past! I use that plugin all the time, and it will probably keep me in an old version of Cubase for this very reason :frowning:

How hard can it be, Steinberg? Just a little xmas present for your old loyal users?