Win10: Montage, WAV, MP3 and AIF all display the same icon. How to change just one?

I would be ecstatic if I could have .mon files display a different icon than WAV, MP3 and AIF. Honestly, I’d like them all to have a different display icon but anyway, after trying to accomplish this using a variety of methods including editing the Windows registry, running FileTypeMan, DefaultProgramsEditor, and of course, right-clicking a file and “choosing” a different icon, I can only get all of them to change - none separately.

I reached out to and got this response from an advisor there which places the issue in the hands of Steinberg:
“Windows 10 will always display an icon on a file type from the application you have set as the default application for that file type, it is then up to the developers of that application to provide a different icon for each file type, for example, Adobe do this very well, they have a different icon for jpg, png, tif . . .etc. If WaveLab do not provide the different icons for each file type and you have set that ad the default application, then you will not be able to set a different icon for each file type . . .”

PG: if this is not the case, please advise so I can follow up with them to resolve it. And if this is true, can you PLEASE update the app with different icons?

Try this maybe:

Thanks, I mentioned that app in my post. It changes all of the icons.

Can you confirm what Microsoft is saying or are they incorrect?

It is as you have stated. I like the idea of a different icon for different audio file types. All my audio files have the icon for Groove Music. The reason I don’t change it is I don’t want to have certain audio programs load because those are tied to audio devices I don’t always have on. However I would change that if a program had different icons for different audio files types.

Keep in mind that it was meant to be able load a default program of the users choice when clicking on a file. Who knew we would have so many audio file type? LOL