Win10 Multi Touch Cubase 9.5

Hello Everyone,

I am delighted using Cubase 9.5 and would like to reach out to see if anyone is using touchscreens with 9.5?

There are a few shortcomings using a multitouch monitor and I’m wondering if anyone has some insight as to using one to achieve better results. Clearly the click and hold options in Cubase are interrupting the ability to mix via touch. Is there a better way to utilize touch? What have you done to make it work well??

Thanks for your help.


yes 2x 27’ Touch screen but with “DTouch” for Cubase (cause Cubase is not Multitouch ready yet)
Best Multitouch software controler for Cubase :

If you just want a limited set of functions to be controlled with touch, you could try Emulator:

I’ve been using it recently to create a touch Control Room setup. Works really well. Of course this is nothing like DTouch which aims to make the whole application touch friendly.

Hi there , you could also use AutoHotKey Scripts to make some custom buttons and other functions…
i’ve done abunch of mini functions this way to get some decent cubase touch workflow going…

There is an old video of my mini functions with cubase 8 pro here:

In that old video i navigate and trigger functions with overlay buttons by the side of the channel editor.
But the latest version is running with Cubase pro9.5 and have working drag and drop for the channel editor.
It can Move inserts to other slot, Deactivate (instead of just bypass), or Delete by with simple dragging…
Working in cubase own Channel editor instead of an custom Editor interfaces like “Dtouch” or “Raven”.

So some free homebrewing to achive abit of touch features is totally possible.
And if you want the source code i’ll gladly share it, so you can se how to do it for your self…
Cant get cheaper than free ;D

Best regards. Razz (etnoscope)

My laptop has a touchscreen, I turned off the hold for right click. Then it’s possible to use faders.
It’s a great supplement for moving the mouse cursor around fast. It would be great if Cubase had a panel of freely configurable buttons build in. For my home setup I prefer generic remote, physical buttons that you don’t have to look at to use.

I’ve been reading a lot about Dtouch in the last few weeks. Can anyone tell me if it is still actively supported by Devil Technologies. Seem like I have tried to contact them but I have made zero headway.

yes they have great support… :wink:

Well thanks… I’ve seen your posts in their forum… is there a particular method of contact to them…

i think you can find their support mail on :

Hi, EtnoRazz,

I’m really insterested in your work, how can I contact you?