win7 64 bit+16 gb RAM -> Should I update toN5.x

Hi all,

due to an hardware problem I had to get an new pc.
RAM is cheap at the moment so I decided to have 16 gb, ssd …
I will be on win 7 64 bit but still with N4.3.

I do music-redording, mixing but no video stuff. I simply own Nuendo because N2/N3 was the “flagship that can do it all” … and I don’t like NEK (nuendo simply should be able to use every cubase function that would make sense to me but I don’t want to start another annoying discussion …)

I wonder if I a should update to N5.x because of the 64-bit N5-version.
Or should I stay with N4.3 and try the 64bit preview-version.
I have tons of plugins and would like to use all my spectrasonics plugins using loads of ram …

If I install N4.3 32-bit, do my plugins take advantage of the huge amount of ram if installed or should I use JBridge and install plugins 64bit.

any advices/hints welcome.

Just try the N4 64bit version, if you even need to use the 64bit version. Then try the demos of J-Bridge and VE Pro. If all of those work well, you would need to find some must have features that are in N5 to justify upgrading. I haven’t found anything of interest to me, so I haven’t bothered upgrading either of my studios. Oh and I don’t bother with the 64bit version either. VE Pro does all I need. :wink:


hi dg,
thanx for the input.
I use VEPro as well. My original plan was to have a new 64bit-machine with Win7 64bit/Nuendo 64bit and all plugins that I use and are available in 64bit on it (which is trillan, omnisphere, stylus rmx, kontakt 4.x, bfd2, voxengo …)
for the other plugins I would use another dedicated machine with vlspro and 32 bit plugins.
I would have to spend 249.- € for the upgrade just to have a stable 64-bit version of nuendo?! but I don’t see any advantage for music production doing an upgrade. I just want to make shure that my pluigins are able to use all of the availabe ram (because that was the limit in the past to have huge and detailed drums …).

OK, I could do it like this:
1 PC (4 gb) - 32 bit environment XP, Nuendo 4.3 32bit, 32bit plugins
1 PC (16 gb) - 64 bit environment with Win7, VEPro an 64 bit plugins

Any other suggestions?

I would stick to 32bit Nuendo and use VE Pro 64bit on the same computer. That’s what I do and it is only way to get truly low latency. As soon as you introduce salve computers there is always extra latency, unless you just feed everything straight out to a mixer and not feed the audio from the slave back to the DAW.


DB, if your looking for stability and more power so you can run various plug ins, I would steer away from vst bridge and drop the coin and upgrade to N5 64 bit. I am running N5 64 on windows 7 with an i7 quad core and 12 gigs ram ( its 1.5 years old now) , can run 4x kontackt, 3 x play, omnisphere, fm8 without a hitch. This is PC1 where I do the midi writing and record the stems.

My second PC is the same intel pc, with 10 gig ram, Cubase 5 studio 64 bit, I use vst systems link with Pc 1 and the transports lock in perfect sync. PC 2 has 16 stereo out into PC1 , runs mostly percussion ( maschine, play perc & strom drum2 , BFD2, RMX, trillian, etc)

PC3 runs sound design tools with one instance of Kore, 8 stereo into PC 1.

PC4 is runs odds and ends like vocals/chorus, Guitar rig, FL studio when needed.

I have no latency issues here, and can play in real time without a delay. Generally, latency depends on your sound card and settings.

I tried VSL pro and didn’t like the interface for my needs.

And yes, I would like to see one flagship software line from steinberg, then I would have a consistent interface across all 4 of my PC’s , consistent upgrade paths, and they can focus on one engine as improvments are made.

N5 always runs behind cubase with improvements.

Instead of N5 call it Cubase Post Professional, how about that guys?

I get 2% profits for the name.


I meant to address DTB, Tom, - John :mrgreen:

N5 has a crippling autosave bug… I would not upgrade till that is fixed.

The larger your session, the more automation, the longer the save time. To put it in perspective, I did a 17 minute 5.1 short. 8 dialog tacks, 32 sfx tracks, 8 bg tracks, 2 music tracks… along with al the stem routing etc etc… all pretty simple stuff until you start automating the mix.

My session file size was about 25mb on average and would fluctuate… saving and autosaving easily took 60 seconds… total creative flow KILLER. saving a new version could take up to 3-4 minutes. not using autosave isn’t really an option.


That said, there are some really nice additions

thanx for the replies!

I will probably do the following:

install win7 64 bit, all of my 64-bit plugins (omnisphere …), VEpro 64-bit

2 PC:
xp32bit, nuendo 32-bit, VEpro 32bit, all plugins 32-bit
will use this system for current projects and let ram-hungry plugins run on new pc (in 64bit over VEpro to get full advatage of so much ram)

3 PC:
Vista32bit, VEpro 32bit, some plugins
use this system only for really huge projects (without freezing instruments)

at the moment this should work fine for me.
additionally I will install N4.3 64bit on my new pc just for testing.
I can’t see benfits justifying an upgrade N4.3 to N.5x for music production. N4 mostly meets my needs ( except not having “Hide unused tracks”).

We’ll see what happens to Nuendo in the near future. if Nuendo continues to go more and more post and doesn’t implement all Cubase features automatically (no NEK!) then I should be thinking of selling my Nuendo-license and have I crossgrade to another product which focuses more on music production …
… or even buy a copy of Cubase 9 :astonished: (just kidding).

again thanx for the input!!!