Win7/64 bit & old Magma Extention Chassis?

I am about to build the new i7 - Win 7/64bit DAW and I am not completely done with all my research regarding compatiblity.

I will use the Asus P6T Deluxe V2.

There I have 2x PCI32 slots - well, I currently use am old PCI32bit Magma Extention with 3x UAD1 and 2x TC Powercore PCI. I would like to just use that on the new system. I don’t have any info about Magma Chassis in a 64bit Win7 enviroment…

Thanks for any hint!

Hey Brandy,

Have you checked over at ?

I recall seeing a thread about magmas over there. One thing you could check is if there are drivers for the card that would interface with the magma.

Hi Brandy,

I upgraded my system(s) to Win7 x64 and have no issue with my old PCI Magma interface.
As it was under XP, the Magma interface doesn’t require any additional device driver to work under Win7 (at least for me).



nice to meet you here again, well - there are things who never chance (fortunatelly) - for example you always helped me out regarding those hardware things as long as I can remember - I know that we already talked as everyone built that P4 / AsusP4C-Deluxe DAW with Raptor Raid0, later the Dual Opteron/Tyan 2895 combo… :slight_smile: Thanks for that!

Back to topic: That is exactly what I wanted to read, thanks a lot, that made my day!

@ Tom: Thanks as well - I totaly forgot about the UAD forums - quite a good resource, I will have some reading over there as well, I am a user over there but not very active…


I have a question again!

Is it important to have the Magma Chassis attached during install of Win7? In XP it was like a rule to have it attached from the first moment - never tried to install AFTER I installed XP and stuff…

Background of my question: I can not allow downtime here - so I will set up the new DAW parallel - not in the studio - working on sessions during the day. That means: OS install, benchmarks, first steps in Win7 and so on should be while a lot of audiohardware is still in the old computer. It would be a great help to just add the Magma with those UAD1 Cards later.


Hello Brandy,

I do both methods with success…

For my PC A (see signature) I’ve installed Win7 as a dual boot of my current system all hardware installed (including the Magma chassis holding my Powercore mkII PCI interfaces) - no issue.

PC B is a brand new system, have first installed Win7 x64 without any extension, then I’ve added a dedicated Magma PCI interface (without the Magmam chassis) and finally I’ve made tests swapping the magma cable between PC A and PC B and once again no issue.

Note: I first upgraded my ‘old’ PC A to Win7 while keeping the original XP configuration to minimize potential downtime. In this case, it was only a software upgrade and in case of any trouble I can reboot to the the old working XP config. That’s a way I found to migrate to Win7 x64 smootly without any stress.


Thanks, Bernard!

Yes, I am a big fan of multi-boot setups - I usually do similar.

In my case I don’t think that it is a good idea to install win 7 on my old system first - but if it is possible to add the Magma Stuff later without issues it should be possible to build / install the system (inkl grafic card & sound card) in my appartment - without downtime. Adding the Magma as well as that UAD/PoCo Stuff later. Ok, some time will be needed here till all applications, plugins & settings are set up but well… There is still the night.

By the way: How does a Magma Chassis work inside windows? I never found stuff in the hardware manager. What kind of drivers are nused? What kind of device is it? I use it since years but I am not 100% sure how it works :slight_smile:


AFAIK it’s only a standard PCI(e) bus (bridge) interface recognized “as is” by the BIOS and by the OS and uses standard drivers delivered with the OS no more no less.