Win7 - Dual Monitors - Dragging Mix Console

Win 7 x64.

So, having 2 LCD monitors connected to my DAW, it is possible to maximize Cubase in the left monitor, and drag plugins to the free space in the right monitor.

However, can not drag the mix-console to the right… is there any option to manipulate this feature?

I dont have 2 monitors, but from what i remember from back then:

You can unmaximize the main window and drag it so it fits nicely over 2 screens… Then you can utilize the space.

Yep, thats what i do… but i like to quickly maximize the main Cubase screen and have everything else in view on the other monitor. Whilst still viewing the playback on the left monitor or MIDI editing.

Unmaximised and stretched actually kinda slows things down… and looks untidy for an anally rentive freak like myself.

What graphics card do you have?

Do you have the mix console set to “always on top”?

you can max cubase on the first screen and then drag the plugin’s to what screen you want and also set the mixer to fullscreen mode on what screen you want to use it on :wink:

Hmmm, i dont think there is a way to move the Mix Console out of the main Cubase Window.

I guess this could be something simple they can add in the update.

Of course there is.

yes it does , right click at the top and select always on top and you can drag the mixer out of the main page to where you want and it is completely scalable

I have 3 monitors. I open the MixConole with F3, rightclick on an empty spot and then click on ‘Full screen - Monitor x’.

Then your Mixconsole goes to that screen, fullscreen! Much better then what I had with Cubase 6.5.

Also, I just manually moved Cubase to fit on my other 2 screens. That way I have my project(lanes) right before me on the middle screen (Screen 1), the MixConsole on the left screen (Screen 3) and te plugins on the right screen (Screen 2).

Works like a charm for me.

I used to use 2 monitors, now 3. You can split the main window and the mixer to make the mixer cover 100% of monitor 2. That is what I do. I just dragged the mixer to monitor 2 and used the “full screen” option. I have all the tracks on monitor 1 and the mixer on number 2. I have also found a space for the VSTi list (the one with the F11 short cut) in the lower left corner of the mixer under the list of the mixer faders. I use the third monitor for plugins. This one is never “large enough” to show all plugs at the same time, so they stay on top of each other or I close down the ones not applicable at the time.

Only one thing I find annoying is that if you close a project with a full screen mixer and reopen the project, the mixer is gone and you have to call it up once more. If you on the other hand do not use the full screen mode, the mixer loads to the monitor as saved.