Win7 .MOV video import best practices?

How can I import .mov files to Cubase?

I’ve exported animations from Adobe Animate as .mov (the only video format) and would like to create audio for them in Cubase. Import dialogue tells me it’s “Invalid or not supported file!”, while however listing .mov as one of the allowed file types.

I’ve found possibly related posts and articles about quicktime (see e.g. 1,2), but am still confused. I’ve got QT 7.7.9 installed and can’t tell if I should replace it with something else…? Or should I just convert the files into something different before import?

Mov is only the container, not a format…I believe Animate uses a codec that is not compatible.
If you have media encoder you can choose to export from Animate via encoder to a more suitable format…otherwise you’ll need to find something to convert.

Compatible codecs are listed ion the table here:

Quicktime is no longer required. It is recommended not to use it on Windows for security reasons after Apple have stopped supporting it.

You could try DaVinci Resolve Free version to convert the file to a suitable format.

I use Handbrake to convert to MP4 and it usually works well.


I did some experimenting with Handbrake, and got Cubase to import the file. However, while the file plays fine on Media Player and VLC, I can only see a white screen in Cubase. I ended up using VLC player’s H264 mp4 conversion preset.

Now I’m missing only the thumbnails. Creating Thumbnail Cache doesn’t seem to help. A workaround, i.e. opening the project in C9 then in C9.5 again, has been found for some, but I can’t get it to work.

I don’t know why handbrake would not produce a compatible file but, as mentioned above, try Davinci Resolve (but I think you need Windows 10 for this). It’s more difficult to use than a simple conversion utility, but Cubase will be more likely to be able to read the file if you save it in a standard format in Resolve.

Anyway, I’ve just noticed it looks like you’re on Windows 7… so you can’t use Resolve anyway. :frowning: Maybe there’s another Win 7 conversion utility out there that will do the job.

Thanks, Stingray!

I think Handbrake just allowed me too many options to mess up, whereas VLC has a one-click preset that seemed to work this time. You might see why I didn’t even get to trying out Resolve yet…

If I find the missing thumbnails critical, I’m going to try resolve. Already installed it.

BTW, I also noticed afterwards that the mp4 and project frame rates were different…

EDIT: Okay, about the frame rates. In C9 the thumbnails are there, but I also get a notification about time frame mismatch; Project 30.00fps, Video 29.86 fps. In C9.5 no thumbnails, but the frame rates match. Go figure…