WIN7 MSI Problem installing Cubase 6 Artist

Hay all,

First off, I don’t like windows 7. But even now it gives me more problems than anything good. Here is my problem:

I have bought Cubase Artist 6 Student yesterday and started installing it on my windows 7 laptop. The eLicence software is outdate, so I downloaded the new version and got my cubase key onto the eLicence stick. I then continued on to the Cubase installation only to be greeted by an error message that states: “The cabinet file ‘’ required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network String, an String reading from the CD-rom, or a problem with this package”

Fustrated I tried to extract the “Cubase6.msi” with 7zip, and it extracted with no errors. I opened up the “” file and extracted its contents aswell. Again no errors.

Getting really eritated I poped the CD into my Ubuntu 10.04_32 box and ran the installer in wine and it installed successfully! I coppied the installed files to my win7 laptop and ran Cubase, it opened up and everything went as expected. I tried to install the rest of the software included on the CD, EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM FAILS at some point during install due to some “Corrupt” installation file. :frowning:

What is going on here? I am thinking it is a windows 7 problem (or only the Windows Installer, MSI) or something. Since clearly there is no issues installing the software on the Ubuntu Computer INSIDE a windows emulator. Is there some way to fix this? Has any one else experienced this problem?

I have tried to get an update for windows installer from the microsoft website. But windows 7 already comes with MSI 5.0 and there is NO redist package availible for download, I downloaded 4.5 thinking it might solve the problems, but NON of the versions are compatible with windows 7. Sigh. :imp:

I need this working for the sound engineering course I am enrolled in. Any help will be greatly apreciated.



It has to be a windows 7 issue I am experiencing. I have just installed windows XP pro SP3 side by side with Win 7 and even without any drivers installed (Win XP doesn’t support anything out of the box) Cubase did it’s FULL installation from the SAME CD, without any problems. Now I need to find drivers for everything on the laptop and computer to revert back to win XP. Some drivers doesn’t even exist for XP.

Am I the only person experiencing this problem with cubase under win 7?

Regards :question:

Strange, not seen this before. Have you tried windows update to see if there are any updates for Windows installer or the like?


Yes I have, no updates are available. My computer is fully updated. And I did search the microsoft website for an update aswell. No luck.



this seems to be a very rare issue. However we just had a customer where in the end it turned out to be faulty RAM. If you have several RAM sticks installed try pulling one of them and see if you get the installation to work.

If it is indeed the RAM you might have to face replacing it and re-installing Windows afterwards, otherwise you will have faulty installations all over your system. Some obvious, some lurking in the dark until you press the wrong button.

Odd that it seems to be working on XP. Maybe it’s using different memory addresses.

If it’s related to the Windows installer please have a look at this article: