Win7 users MUST READ: Enable Windows Aero and Install KB 2670838.

Many thanks for investigating into this. In the FAQ I’ve added a link to this thread for Win7 Home Basic users.

Using Win7 Pro, C9.5, turning Aero on does not help. I need help. Just installed C9.5 yesterday and struggling to get it to go. I have C7.5 and C4 that work ok for years… Help! … LepStu

Also, the above update KB 2670838 – my CPU says this update not applicable…

You know you are in the Dorico forum and not Cubase, right?
Anyway, I will try to help you, but first you need to tell, what is actually not working, resp. what are you doing and where does it get stuck?

Two possiblilities:


According to this article:
you may tried using wrong installation packages of the Windows NT 6.1 platform update (KB 2670838) to your system.
Since both Cubase 9.5 and Dorico are 64-bit apps (despite that the eLc suite is 32-bit at this moment), you shall use 64 bit Windows with the x64 version of KB2670838 installer.


Your hardware system may be too new to install the Windows NT 6.1 platform update (KB 2670838).
This is due to the background cooperation between Microsoft and Intel, forcing people to give up using the Windows 7 (and possibly 8 in the future).

If I were you I would like to use Windows AIK to use another old computer to merge this platform update into the Windows installer WIM image. This will make this platform update work unless Microsoft made any further dirty tricks in it.

P.S.: The reason we are helping you here is because your issue at this moment also hinders you from running Dorico as well. Still, please post Cubase-related questions in Cubase forum but not here.

I had this same issue until I just realized that the problem was that I had the Windows Classic theme enabled. Switching to a standard Windows 7 theme seems to have fixed it.