Win8.1 + Cubase 11 + Retrologue + Padshop

I’m experiencing some strange behavior

Cubase 11 is installed and working.
Padshop & Retrologue disappear. Using downloader & reinstall - plug-ins still missing.

Attempt to re-install Cubase 11 - I get a message that the least compatible OS must be W8.1 - which it is?!?

All other plugins - Halion 6, Groove Agent, etc work fine – all except PS2 & Retrologue?!

Open Windows’ “Programs and Features” and look for Retrologue 2and Padshop 2. Do you see them in the programs list? Try uninstalling them if you do.

Please note that Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 aren’t automatically installed with Cubase. You have open the Steinberg Download Assistant, click your Cubase version and then download these plugins and their content.

The solution was to find the original download installers from Cubase 10.5. zip files

The new downloaders from Steinberg DO NOT WORK - be aware. As soon as these are re-installed it breaks the application