Wind controller

Anyone know a good wind controller to use with brass instruments in kontakt?

And your Cubase 5 question is…?

For gods sake grow up…

Akai EWI USB or Akai EWI 4000s. The fingering on these instruments can be switched from the default woodwind-like one into a brass-like version which is very helpful if you are a brasswind player.

And, of course, Akai EWI can be used with HALion Sonic as well :wink:

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Or maybe a Yamaha breath controller (BC3(A)) with compatible keyboard, or via a MIDI Solutions Breath Controller box?

Otherwise… yeah, one of the USB ones to start with.

lovely attitude from one that posts topics in the wrong section !

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the akai wind instruments are very good or if your lucky enough to have a dx100 or dx7 you can use a bc 1,2,3 for the breath control which really is very good !

Thanks for the advice chaps. :stuck_out_tongue: