Wind Noise Reduction

I have a dialog track with heavy levels of wind noise. What are your favorite plug-ins for cleaning up wind noise?

Wind noise can be a pretty bad thing. Once it’s been recorded there’s no real solution other than ADR.

It’s tough to completely get rid of the wind but some plug ins are pretty good at reducing it.
If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford the Cedar then I recommend Waves W43 or the WNS. make sure to filter (SB Postfilter or Fab filter) the worst noises/ rumble out before sending it into either one.
Don’t forget it’s not always just the one tool that does the job, most of the time it takes a few different plug ins and talent to clean up dialogue.

Solution: Used Waves WNS – got rid of 80% of the noise! Very useful. A bit of EQ and compression and… voila!

Izotope RX is my magic bullet. What their click/thump filter can’t zap, I go in and paint them out with the Spectral Repair tool. It makes me look like a genius.