Window/field focus issues in Cubase 11

When I switch from another window to Cubase and press spacebar I’d expect the timeline to start playing but it doesn’t seem to default focus there… I’m not sure where the focus is, but I usually have to click the playlist and then press spacebar…

Another example of weird focus is if I press my key command for “search mediabay” it should open mediabay with focus on the search bar so I can start typing… this works correctly in 10.5 but not 11.


Do you mean by switching from other application? How do you switch to Cubase? Do you use Win+Tab or any other way? Can you see where the focus currently is in Cubase?

This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Yes. when I switch from another application using Command+tab (mac) and it shows cubase it doesn’t immediately let me play the track. I’m not sure what is being focused on because nothing is highlighted and there’s no other windows or vsts open from Cubase.


I cannot reproduce it here. What macOS version exactly do you use, please?