Window focus behaving clumsy, anyone else?

C8.0.10 / 64 on Win7 / 64

I experience the application focus (window visibility) to react pretty unreliably. If I change to another application, say Firefox, then switch back by clicking on (one of the) Cubase icons on the taskbar, it often takes several clicks to make the Cubase application window appear.

This is especially clumsy after startup, Cubase often starts in the background, no window visible at all, and I need to click on its taskbar icon several times to make it appear.

After working with it for some time it gets better, focus can be switched between apps normally.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes, it’s very annoying how the focus get lost in Cubase 8.0.10

Thanks. Did you file an issue for this already? If not then I’ll do it.


No, I didn’t