Window Navigator Request for MEDIA File Browser

i do sound design , I have a request regarding windows, We are constantly using sfx samples and this section on the right is very inadequate…

my requiest is: The media file browser section on the right should be dragged to the lower zone section.

so we will be able to see the sample full screen and navigate between the sounds very comfortably.
It would be nice to have metadata support so I can scan all audio at the bottom of the screen like the Reaper file browser

You know you can open the media browser as a separate window with much more information than the side bar - I think it’s F5

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That is correct. :grinning:

F5 opens a separate window:

Of course, a separate window is not the right solution for everyone either.
For a long time now, I’ve been wishing that Nuendo would give you the option to arrange certain areas/windows as you wish. (This is possible with our authoring software Scenarist, for example.)

Zones are a good start, but not that flexible.

I’m using a 43 inch 4k display and I don’t have room in my room to use a 2nd display. so hopefully in the future this flexibility will be improved for single screen

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