Window size and visibility

i didnt find mention of this elsewhere.
so, when i open dorico, the fullscreen window is too big, and the bottom of the window is cut off behind my taskbar. this is not a problem with my taskbar or windows settings, as i have tried playing with those, and dorico is the only program that does this. while i am in the setup tab, i am able to un-fullscreen the window, but i cannot change the window size. if i enter write mode, i can change the window size, and then fullscreen successfully snaps the window to my taskbar. however, if i go back into setup mode, it goes back behind the taskbar. only after i give a player an instrument will it allow me to resize the window in setup mode, and fullscreen works properly.

this also happens in the settings menus, like notation options. the window opens to big, and i must resize it to get to the buttons at bottom. just a bit annoying.

but worst is the halion vst window. it is snapped to somewhere below my screen entirely. i am able to drag it up and inch, but then i see only part of what is on the bottom, and when i let the mouse up, it snaps back. i am therefore unable to access the controls at bottom of the halion window. it is pretty bad.

has this problem been reported before?

It would be helpful to know which version of Dorico you are using and (even more important) which computer Operating System and version.

This is likely related to your monitor’s display resolution.

What display resolution are you using? What display magnification setting?

i am running dorico on windows 10. my resolution is 1920 by 1080, and the magnification is 150%.

Well, that would probably be the reason. If you’re running Dorico on a 1080 resolution, you should run it at 100%. If my math is right, at 150% you’re running it at the equivalent of 1440x800. :grimacing:

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I’ve had this problem since at least Dorico 2 (can’t remember if it happened in Dorico 1). My magnification is turned off. Latest Dorico, 1366x768 display. Windows 10.

If I move my Windows menu bar to the side, then I can see pretty much everything, but I like it on the bottom a lot more!

thanks, changing it to 125% mag solved the issue. though the halion window still snaps to the top of the taskbar, a minor annoyance. maybe your display is bigger than mine, but 100% on mine makes everything ridiculously small.
still should get fixed for 150% mag, but i guess i can get used to 125.

I can’t remember whether we state a recommended minimum screen resolution in Dorico’s system requirements, but in general we do design for displays with 1080p vertical resolution at 100% magnification and larger. If you have a 1080p display but run at a larger magnification factor, then you may encounter some interface elements that don’t fit.